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Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007 16:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my family, my pride...

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A buka puasa event held at abang nor's place 4 days before hari raya, gathered my tiny family under one roof after a period of time apart from each other's busy lives. noisy but harmonious, together we watched the live telecast of my bf..i mean..Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor's took off in the Soyuz spacecraft to ISS...(proud of you sayaaang! hehe). mana boleh miss event macam tu..hehe.

okay back to the topic of my family...everyone was there, mom, dad, abang nor, kekti, abang mir, kak mel, 2 rascals, one soon to be rascal, misya (head of rascals), mak, ayah, ke...hmm nearly lengkap la la..susah betul nak kumpul semua

Saturday, 22-Sep-2007 21:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
exploring murut-bario, 29th aug ------> 4th sept 2007

betul ke nak pegi nih??
titon dulu kak gabs!
ramai2 yang jakun tak penah naik twin otter
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miri----> lawas ----> bakelalan ------> lepo bunga ------> church camp ------> plank ------> long repong ------> pa'lungan ------> pa'ukat ------>bario

merdeka!!!! merdekaa!!! merdekaaa!!!! celebrating country's 50th birthday on a land far away from home. now who would believe? me conquering mt murut? macam dah tak cukup gunung kat semenanjung pulak...and who the heck would believe....we traveled to bario ON FOOT! the longest duration of hiking/trekking ever in my life. hehe...but we made it..YAYY! "bersenang2 dulu dan bersusah2 kemudian" trip this is.

climbing up mt murut wasn't the hottest topic the team had to discuss about...but walking to bario is. with the muddy terrain mostly through out our journey,our feet didn't get the chance to get dry for even an hour. berlecak2. with some steep ground, moist soil, leeches everywhere...(yes EVERYWHERE!), looong loooong path, river crossings, swamp crossings, stupid slippery plank wood (i fell down 3 times sampai biru2 purple2 lutut) and lastly, the unforgettable experience of walking almost 17 hours non stop with only an hour of rest. alhamduliillah...semua nya selamat pergi dan pulang. thanks to everyone in the team especially pak prez for including me in this extraordinary, estupendo and memorable trip in exploring murut-bario. also thanks to those who've helped me sincerely through out the journey... u know who you are...

pictures published here were taken from various cameras. abang deeno's, mia's, k.gab's, amir's, ramli's, arey's and mine too. they are chronologically arranged. kalau ada masa...i'll write something about this trip in detail.
till then...adios!

Monday, 13-Aug-2007 02:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
white water rafting in sungai nenggiri, gua musang kelantaaaan

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3rd aug-5th aug 2007 :
a trip organized by OGKL for standard chartered group. 'cruisin' through sungai nenggiri for nearly 2 days....under the hot blazing sun...and with a bunch of 9 crazy, lunatic, insane people!
dingy AJK yang macam cargo sebab bawak barang tu selalu berlabuh kat tepi sungai sebab ramai yang rajin carik durian and rambutan. durian terrrrbaekkk!

thanks abang deeno for choosing me to be one of the AJKs....exhausting like mad..but worth every bit of the experience!

also thanks to abng fahmi, kekfid, sha, tok gajoh, adzmin and ebi for making it happen!

Saturday, 11-Aug-2007 15:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
i love indo bands!!!!

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"bilaaaa yang tertulis untukku...
adalah yang terbaik untukmu...
kan ku jadikan kau kenangan....
yang terindah dalam hidupku...."

huhu..ive always loved this song...brings me to soooooooo many memories. sad ones...great ones...just unforgettable!
finally got to listen to it samsons themselves...wohoooo

thanks to en.nazir proton IT....i got 3 VIP tickets to their concert. brought along norlin and fikri....and jepp got another ticket for himself. though the concert was actually promoting their second album.."penantian hidup"...and practically sang most of the songs from this album....we still had fun just jumping to the beat. at least i did... .

and BAM is sooooooooooooooo cute!

Sunday, 1-Jul-2007 03:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark

tido time
tunggu darling deuter ku
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after MONTHS and MONTHS of planning....we finally reached the highest point in south east asia.....bangga siot.

thank you abang deeno (OGKL) for arranging this wonderful trip for us!

pictures were taken by all 6 of us. 6 camera bergabung...jadik la gambar 200++ ni. tapi kalau scenery2 yang lawa tu either apek or lan punya 'camera canggih lagi berat' laa...

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